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So…what is the Monday Poll?

Dobrá otázka! It isn’t, as opposed to its name, an actual poll. It’s just a listing of five much more or less random concerns I’ve been publishing on this blog every Monday morning for the past gazillion years (more than 10!). I like reading your answers, as well as it assists me get my week off to a fantastic start. ?

1. What’s your present pedicure situation?

It’s quite dire as well as has been for a month. Unpainted toe nails as well as scraggly cuticles FOR DAYS, man.

But on the glass-half-full side, I’ve been great about shaving my toe hairs as well as moisturizing, ha ha ha! ?


I requirement to go to the nail beauty salon ASAP since while I might quickly do my own pedi, I never feel like I have a long sufficient block of time at house to sit still as well as really DO THEM, ya know?

2. has an animal ever pooped on you?

Oh, for sure, numerous times. I’ve been pooped on by birds. Dvakrát. when was in middle institution while I was walking to English class, as well as once again in high institution while we were eating lunch outside one day. (Side note: To make band noise even much more geeky than it really is/was, many of the band nerds in my high institution ate lunch at the tables best next to the band room. It’s like we couldn’t be away from our instruments for as well long or we’d melt.)

And in my adult life, both of the bit animals I currently serve have “number two-ed” on me several times.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

3. Resting BF, side eye, or eye roll?

Eye roll, ya’ll! It’s what I do best. ?

4. Gym, tanning, or laundry?

Hmm… seeing as exactly how I’m currently doing a tons of laundry as I’m typing this (WHEN AM I NOT DOING laundry THOUGH?!), as well as I’m already tan, I’m going to pick gym…but only if you pronounce it like “YIM.” ?

5. Fish tail or french braid?

Ani. Dutch braid all the way.

BONUS QUESTION: have you ever taken candy from a stranger?

Ya know…I practically reflexively stated no to this, however then I believed about it. There have been numerous times when I’ve sat next to people on planes or in lectures at institution as well as they provided me a stick of gum or a Tic Tac, as well as I accepted. Also, technically, those women who work behind the counter at See’s candies are strangers, as well as I gleefully take candy from them.

Also, Halloweens. I don’t understand all of the people in all of the homes we’ve gone to.

So, my response is yes.

Promiň mami! Apparently, all of those warnings were for naught.

Pumpkin madness has begun

OK, now that we’ve officially made it to mid-September, I feel like I can succumb to the pumpkin madness surrounding me.

I even have a plan!

I like these small ones.
They kinda look like garlic, yeah?
Someone has extremely strong opinions about pumpkins.
Don’t laugh. (OK, you can completely laugh.) I’m going to embellish our living space with joyful pumpkins since I believe that if you ever have an chance to embellish your house with plants from the Cucurbitaceae family, you have to take it.


Well…except for this one.

Děsí mě!
What state you — adorable or creepy? taking a look at it makes my skin tingle (and not in a great way), as well as I feel like slathering myself with Lubriderm.

Your friendly community charm addict,



P.S. Zájem! right here are they are to copy/paste with your answers in a comment. speak with you soon.

1. What’s your present pedicure situation?
2. has an animal ever pooped on you?
3. Resting BF, side eye, or eye roll?
4. Gym, tanning, or laundry?
5. Fish tail or French braid?

BONUS QUESTION: have you ever taken candy from a stranger?


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