Fresh Friday: A teen Runs This new appeal brand That Takes a Stand against Bullying

Go young entrepreneurs, go! (A high school student runs this brand!)

MBB’s “Fresh Friday” series takes a look at new appeal brands (and venerable O.G. brands that are new to me). Let’s discover new makeup!

Guys, do you remember what you were doing at 15…? I’ll tell ya, I certainly wasn’t running my own makeup line, LOL! say hi to Raazika Cosmetics, a new cruelty-free indie line founded by high school student Khadija Ikram, who started the brand fueled by her passion for makeup and her desire to help her community. The brand donates a portion of all proceeds to anti-bullying campaigns.

Yeah, at 15 years old, I was marching around a football field with a flute in a band uniform while concurrently plotting ways to up my GPA… I wasn’t starting my own service (although I wish I had!).


In Arabic, Raazika indicates “one who supplies for others,” and the line is cruelty-free, fragrance-free and Halal-certified, indicating that the ingredients are permitted within Islamic or sharia law (you can read a lot more about it here if you’re curious), and they’re available now online. The brand is still quite small and very new.

I’m wearing Raazika Cosmetics Hi Def foundation in Caramel and the liquid Lipstick in Bentley Bliss.
Within the line, there are full-coverage foundations ($36 each), a couple of contour kits ($49 each), vegan brushes ($16-$30 each), a sprinkling of eye makeup (there’s a mascara and a liner), liquid lipsticks ($27 each) and lip pencils ($17 each), so it’s not Fenty big, but it’s not a teeny, tiny product range either.

Everything’s priced within the too Faced/Make Up For Ever/Smashbox range. Like, their Hi-Def foundation, which I’ve tried — I think it’s pretty good (super full-coverage!). It’s $36 for a 0.68-oz. bottle, and a little goes a loooong way. I nearly want to call it concealer-coverage worthy because it’s SO pigmented and intense, and now that I think about it…it looks and feels very similar to NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I’ve worn shade C45 Caramel a few times, and I like how it looks in pictures, in particular, because of how well it blurs my pores. Straight-up hides everything.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


Nakupuj teď

I’ve also checked two of the brushes, the artificial Jumbo Buffer and the small pointed Face, which are pretty soft and less stiff than normal for synthetics (as you know, some synthetic brushes feel very stiff). If you like real techniques or It Cosmetics brushes, I think you’ll like these, too.

Ach! — the matte liquid lipsticks? just like the foundations, they’re *very* pigmented, but they do kinda dry out my lips…

If you’d like to learn a lot more about Raazika Cosmetics, check it out online.


Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


P.S. TGIF!!!!


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