Milani luminous vs Luminoso

To wrap up “Comparison Week”, I have a quick post to compare 2 Milani blushes side by side: Milani Powder blush in #08 luminous as well as Milani Baked blush in #5 Luminoso.

Are Milani luminous as well as Luminoso blushes the exact same colour? The concern comes up on the internet from time to time because they do look similar in the pan as well as have extremely similar names.  I’m right here to tell you that they’re rather different. Back in the late-2000’s, Milani blushes were making rather a name for themselves as they were inexpensive, excellent quality, as well as provided in colours that duped numerous of the prominent higher end brands.

Milani luminous was such a shade, implied to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm – it’s a quite great dupe – a widely lovely peachy pink colour with a golden shimmer. I likewise truly like the packaging of these blushes, they are slim as well as compact (no useless bottom compartment with a crappy clean like the Baked blushes are now).  Luminous is discontinued however If you’re truly keen on it, I’ve seen ebay listings for it at extremely sensible prices.

Luminous contained 2.75g of product as well as was made in USA whereas Luminoso has 3.5g as well as is made in Italy.  I recalled luminous only costing around $3 – the Baked Blushes are around $9.

Milani now bring only the Baked Blushes as well as the increased Powder Blushes.  And the shade “Luminoso” has triggered some confusion as some people presumed it was the exact same colour as the previous blush shade called Luminous.  Milani Baked blush in Luminoso is a satiny coral shade. When swatched side by side, the difference between luminous as well as Luminoso are apparent:

I like Luminoso as well as only like luminous – luminous is just a bit as well frosty for my liking, however Luminoso is the ideal sheen as well as glow that make it a essential in my blush rotation.

Tady to máš. Nejsou stejné. Get the Luminoso.
This concludes my week of comparing stuff! Doufám, že sis to užil!

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