MLA appeal Podcast: sexy Phone Voice Maria of best Day blogger

lots of of you may already know Maria of best Day Blogger, through her blog and social media, but I never really fully appreciated how sexy her voice was until we did the podcast recording.

Girl could moonlight for 1-800-talk-dirty-2-me if she wants to earn extra cash!

This is how cat and I imagined Maria was recording the episode:

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Maria and Mariah are just one letter difference, hmm? *snap snap*  Have a listen:

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♬ Stitcher ♪

Things we talked about:

Maria’s Art:

So full of colour and conviction! Are any of you secret artists?

Of course I had to re-create Cat’s lips using Maria’s art (hope neither of you mind! All credit scores goes to them both)

Pastel makeup for Spring:

I was my normal crabby self about the whole “trend” of pastels for Spring. What’s next, brights for Summer? muted tones for Autumn? *feigns shock*

Mortuary makeup:

Image from Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride.
I won’t go too much into it but here’s an post from Vice about this topic – click at your own risk!

’80s and ’90s makeup trends:

I’m curious – what defines the appeal look for this decade? Is it the borrowing of previous decades’ looks?

Kids wearing makeup:

Sweet photo of Maria’s daughter wanting to help out as a hand model for mama’s blog post! Zdroj.
How young is too young to start wearing makeup? how old were YOU when you started wearing makeup?

PS. Here’s the post where I talk about which cam I use: Behind the Scenes Tag
PPS. and no, I did not succumb to that Shu Uemura empty palette!

You can find Maria at the following places:
• best Day Blogger
• Instagram
• Twitter
• Youtube
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Google+

Thank you Maria! It was charming chatting with you – can’t wait to go shopping at the Walmart appeal department!

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