Neděle s kartami Kočka, make-up a Charm Blog Mascot, Vol. 660

“Roughing It: A Tabs the cat Adventure”


“I can’t believe you got me into this, Tabs!” said Bear. “I ought to have known you weren’t major about–”

“Meow,” interrupted Tabs. Oh, I was serious.


Bear waited, eager to hear Tabs’s explanation.

“Mrow,” continued Tabs, taking a sip of his watermelon and mint mojito. I’m always major about relaxation.

In Tabs’s estimation, the Fairmont Orchid on the Kohala coast of Hawai‘i Island made the best watermelon and mint mojitos, and he was thoroughly enjoying this one now.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Before the trip, Tabs told all of his friends he was going on the supreme outdoor experience with Bear Grylls. sadly for Bear, Tabs left out a few details, like that by “outdoor” he implied “poolside,” and by “experience” he implied “vacation.”

“Dobrý postřeh.” Bear rolled his eyes. “You said, ‘We’re gonna rough it. It’s gonna be so great.’”

“Meowww….” Tabs drew out the word. Studna….

“Ano!” said Bear, “You tricked me.”

Tabs couldn’t completely disagree with him. possibly he didn’t outright lie to Bear, but he did leave out the location when describing the idea. Technically, the resort is mostly outside, so that wasn’t innaccurate, and the medspa there could be considered an experience.

Tabs concluded that Bear deserved at least equal responsibility for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

“Co?” said Bear. “How is this an outdoor experience? It’s a resort, Tabs! You said you wanted to be on my show, show your mettle in the wild, show your resourcefulness to your fans.”

Tabs gave Bear a look as if to say, They are comping our stay. Isn’t that resourceful?

Bear huffed and rolled his eyes again, his hands on his hips. “That’s a stretch.”

“Mňoukat?” said Tabs. I mean, we came all the way out here. He leaned back languorously on the warm tiles, exposing his fluffy tummy meat to the tropical sun. “Mrow.” Odpočinout si. delight in yourself.

Jistě byly jistě.


– Konec –

Rosie taking the day off

She’s wrapped up in Connor’s baby blanket. LOL!

Perhaps not ready for the runway, but maybe she could score some catalogue work?
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