MUJI Skincare [+ GIVEAWAY!]


S největší pravděpodobností chápete, že už mám rád produkty péče o pleť muji, které jsem se snažil, takže jsem byl naprosto v mém aspektu na posledních Muji Canada otevřený domov, který měl předvést jejich péči o pleť.

Podobně jako předchozí muji otevřené domácí sezení, to byla malá intimní záležitost, kterou dávám přednost. Zjistili jsme o různých liniích péče o pleť muji se zaměřením na citlivou odrůdu pleť (moje nejoblíbenější!), Stejně jako všichni z nás dostali výběr produktů, které se snaží sami vyzkoušet. Zde je to, co jsme se naučili, stejně jako to, co jsme obdrželi.

MUJI Skincare is all about hydration. as well as that begins with the purest water source they can find. The water is sourced from caves of Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture, which has the exact same pH balance as our tears as well as is quickly absorbed by the skin.  Currently, MUJI Canada offers 3 skincare lines:

• Anti-Aging (brown packaging) – features 10 necessary oil to prevent indications of aging
• sensitive Skin (clear packaging) – free of fragrance, dyes, mineral oil, paraben, as well as alcohol.
• organic series (green packaging) – organic components including jojoba, sunflower, lavender oils
And, we were advised that the balancing series (cream packaging) will be making its debut in Canada extremely soon! This variety is meant for dehydrated as well as imbalanced skin types.

What’s so outstanding is that of the products I received, nothing is over C$15! however don’t let the cost point fool you – they’re made of excellent components as well as they work. What MUJI doesn’t spend on marketing as well as elegant packaging, they channel into the product components instead.  That old adage “It’s what’s inside that counts” definitely applies to MUJI skincare.

I likewise appreciate that MUJI has very little packaging which is both expense efficient as well as much better for the environment. The toners as well as milks do not include sprays or pumps – these are offered individually as well as the tubes can be trimmed to any type of length (the packaging even includes a ruler guide to show where to snip). The pumps are reusable.

MUJI kindly provided us a choice of skincare products to try for ourselves – the majority of the products are from the sensitive Skincare variety which would be appropriate for all skin types. Here’s what we received:


• Cleansing Oil C$14.50
• moderate deal with laundry C$6.50
• Cleansing Sheet C$1.50
I’m running the danger of being a damaged record about my like for the MUJI sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil, however I’ll repeat myself up until I’m blue in the face: this stuff rocks! Its base is olive oil instead of mineral oil. It cleans thoroughly however doesn’t strip the skin. as well as it’s so inexpensive! It was on my 2015 finest of list! 


• Toning Water wetness C$10.00 + Spray Head C$3.50
What’s neat about these toners is that they’re offered in different wetness levels: light, medium or high; so you can selected the hydration level you prefer. I have the High wetness Toning Water (shown above with the trigger style nozzle*) which I got in my June MUJI haul, as well as I adore it!  I’m working on a quarterly favourites publish as well as – spoiler alert – it’ll be on the list.


• Moisturising Milk wetness C$10.00 + Pump Head C$3.50
• Moisturising cream C$14.50
Similar to the Toner, the Milk wetness (like an essence or serum) are available in 3 levels of hydration too.  I’ve not tried any type of of MUJI’s moisturizers as of yet.


• deal with Wash Foam Scrub $6.50
• deal with Sheet (under eye patches) C$2.00
• deal with lotion Sheet (DIY sheet masks) C$2.00
The diy sheet masks as well as eye patches are amazing – I bought these in my last MUJI haul too.  At the open House, they demo’d exactly how to utilize it – all you requirement to do is put the bit tablets in the toner cap as well as they expand.
When you unroll the sheet, it turns into this:

This page has a video showing the sheet mask in action.


• stack Hair turban C$7.50
• cosmetic Blotting Paper C$1.50
• portable Eyelash Curler C$6.00
I have the eyelash curler (shown opened*) as well as it’s my absolute favourite for travelling! I have the blotting paper as well, it’s waiting to be opened while I whittle down my blotting paper stash.

• cut Cotton Ecru C$3.50
I compared these to the Shiseido cotton here. Although not as soft (I suspect since they’re unbleached) they are super strong as well as I’ve bought the white version to try next.

Misc. péče o kůži:

• Hand cream in Lavender C$9.50
• Lip cream in Grapefruit C$5.50
Both of these are part of the organic variety as denoted by their eco-friendly packaging.  I have the lip balm in the increased scent (shown opened*) as well as it’s truly nourishing.

Another thing to note about MUJI skincare products is that many of them are offered in travel sizes which are travel friendly (dur ) however likewise excellent for trying before committing to the full size.

Learn more about the Sensitive Skincare variety here. all of the skincare products are made in Japan (yes, I inspected all the labels).

The skincare screen at the MUJI Atrium store.
And, excellent news: the MUJI skincare will be on sale for 15% off between October 21st – 31st!


This is what you will win (plus, 1 spray as well as 1 pump head)
Not going to lie, I was lured to keep a couple of items for myself that I’ve never tried before (face laundry as well as moisturizer).  But I’ve got rather a few skincare products in my stock that I requirement to work with first! Plus, since I have MUJI stores nearby, I can quickly pick those products up in the future. So lucky for YOU – I’m providing away every single product that I got from MUJI! Here’s exactly how you can win all of the MUJI skincare shown above.

Muset udělat:

• comply with me on WordPress or via email
• comply with me on Twitter as well as Instagram
• such as this publish as well as leave a comment below to let me about your present skin concern(s) as well as which MUJI skincare product interests you most.

Nice to do:

• see as well as comply with MUJI Canada on Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook
• see as well as comply with me on Facebook

Přečti si tohle:

• open up until midnight Sunday, October 30, 2016 (EST)
• open internationally
• must be over 18 years old
• One champion will be chosen
• champion will be revealed on the blog on Monday, October 31, 2016

Hodně štěstí!
Once again, say thanks to you to MUJI Canada for inviting me to visit!

* These are my own products that are not part of the giveaway – you don’t want my open / utilized items, do you?

Note: MUJI Canada provided the above products to me free of fee to do whatever I desired with them. The giveaway is not sponsored by them. I decided to provide them to you so you can try them out for yourself!

Lastly, today marks the opening of the newest MUJI store in Canada – MUJI Yorkdale will be a 6,375 sq ft store that will bring more FOOD. I’m so excited as well as will be making a see extremely soon!

Have you tried MUJI Skincare before?

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