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Today’s entry was written by my good friend, AngelWearsPrada.

She’s passionate about high-end, exclusive fragrances and sent a lengthy email to me describing a brand that I knew nothing about, By Kilian.  I’m no perfume aficionado, and I thought it would be a great change to have another voice on this blog, so I’ll let her describe why By Kilian has captured her heart.

In the following entry, all text inside square brackets [  ] are my comments.  The rest are AngelWearsPrada’s!

By Kilian is the brainchild of Kilian Hennessy.  The heir to the Hennessey of the LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. fame.  A snippet of his bio reads:

His childhood haunts included the family cellars in Cognac. before graduating from CELSA (School of higher Studies in the information and communication Sciences at the Sorbonne) he wrote a thesis on the semantics of odors in search of a language common to gods and mortals. In search of the “angels share”, he encountered the world of perfumery.

It’s a hard life. photo courtesy of Metro.
Full Kilian Hennessey bio here [warning, the site has loud music that autoplays – click the volume symbol at the lower ideal corner of the site to mute]

A sampling of By Kilian scents – I have denoted an asterisk beside the ones for which I have samples of:
L’Oevre Noir Collection
♦  Prelude to Love*
♦  Love, Don’t be Shy*
♦  Love and Tears, Surrender
♦  A taste of Heaven
♦  Straight to heaven – This is the one I own and what I wore on Friday night that you all commented on! [our girls’ night]
♦  Back to Black* – I hate this one
♦  Dangerous Liaisons, normal Me – My husband wears this. Taky to mám moc rád. I wore it once and a coworker accosted me – told me I smelled expensive.
♦  Cruel Intentions, Tempt Me
♦  Sweet Redemption

You can see that all the names are decidedly seductive!
Note: I gotten the “Travel” set for myself (cheaper) and the “Refill” set for my husband (also much more affordable and he doesn’t care for all the fancy packaging – it’s lost on him anyway).  So I did NOT spend the $270 CDN + taxes = $300-ish that Holt’s is charging. and overall – it was more affordable to get in France, not here [Canada].

There are also a few other collections of note:
v  Asian Tales Collection – normally not a fan of any of the scents in this collection, but I do have lots of samples of these.
v  In the garden of good and Evil Collection – this is where the “Good girl Gone Bad” scent is from. That was my runner up scent. It was between Good: “Straight to Heaven” and Evil: “Good girl Gone Bad” and good won out!  [AngelWearsPrada gave me a sample of “Good girl Gone Bad” which I checked and made a decision it smelled too “sensual” on me]

Photo courtesy of
There are 4 scents from this collection:
♦  Good girl Gone Bad*
♦  In the City of Sin
♦  Forbidden Games*
♦  Playing with the Devil

By Kilian also launched a collection of “Vodka” and “Brandy” scents which are part of the “Boutique Exclusives” collection. These were awesome, if you don’t mind smelling like a drink. honestly though, when these perfumes settle, for the most part, they are genuinely unique.  I have one sample each of these.

Part of the allure of the brand is the shopping experience, here are the By Kilian shops that I have visited:

London (at Harrod’s – 5th/top floor – it was a whole “fragrance mall” of perfume boutiques – quite the experience!)


Overall my experience with the brand has been quite lovely. I do take pleasure in the decadence of it. The boutiques are charming in London/Paris. In Canada, it is exclusive to Holt’s but they don’t do it any justice here – it is merely a “counter” like any other fragrance. but the packaging is beautiful and there is a made a decision air of “sophistication” with this brand. Also, not lots of people are familiar with it so I can walk around and know that no one else will smell like me! miluju to!

They also have a boutique in nyc – and its on my list to visit this year:

[For a providing of all By Kilian’s fragrances and in-depth scent notes and reviews, please visit the By Kilian page on I just went through to see what I may like to try from By Kilian and “Beyond Love” with its Tuberose, Coconut, and Jasmine scents might be up my alley. thanks AngelWearsPrada, for introducing me to this brand!]

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