Clinique Black Honey All about shadow super Shimmer, as well as a Message From the Future…

using Clinique Black Honey All about shadow super Shimmer ($15) on my lids as well as lash lines
1994 KAREN: Hello?

2014 KAREN: Hi, is this Karen?


1994 KAREN: Yes, it is.

2014 KAREN: This is going to noise totally weird, but, um…this is your future self, Karen. From 2014.

1994 KAREN: shut the front door! Co? kdo je to? Jen, is that you?


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2014 KAREN: No, really. It’s me, Karen. I mean, I’m likewise Karen. I’m calling you from 20 years in the future.

1994 KAREN: You sound… Dude, how’s that even possible? kdo je to!? Someone’s pulling my leg. Are you that guy from the bus stop the other day? The Terminator one?

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2014 KAREN: Nope, not that guy. Although I do keep in mind him. Tall, in the eco-friendly plaid shirt —

1994 KAREN: No way! exactly how do you understand that?

2014 KAREN: He was a physics major. truly adorable as well as funny. I believe he wished to ask us out, now that I believe about it.

Anyway, I only have a few minutes here, so that’s sufficient about boys. I have something extremely important to discuss with you.

1994 KAREN: Man, this is blowing my mind! If you’re truly from 20 years in the future… I requirement more proof. tell me something else only you — I mean we? – bych věděl.

2014 KAREN: OK. Well, right now you’re most likely using Clinique Black Honey almost Lipstick.

1994 KAREN: NO WAY!!!

2014 KAREN: You’re having a hard time in chem and, reality be told, college has been a great deal lonelier than you believed it would be. You likewise truly miss Mom, dad as well as Al, however you’d never admit that to them.

1994 KAREN: OK, I am officially freaked out right now. This is incredibly freaky…

Well, then I assumption I should ask why you’re calling. Is it something bad? It’s something bad, isn’t it?

Black Honey Swatch
2014 KAREN: No, no, not at all. I just truly wished to state hi as well as — I understand this seems weird — remind you that you’re stronger than you think.

1994 was a difficult year, however you’re gonna be OK. It may not seem like it now, however everything’s going to work out.

1994 KAREN: Really??

2014 KAREN: Yes, really.

I desire I might state more…but the contract I signed forbids me from disclosing anything specific that might change the program of our life.

1994 KAREN: Gotta be vague… I get it. I totally get it. I’ve seen the Terminator —

2014 KAREN: — 500 times, haha!

1994 KAREN: Still, say thanks to you — what should I phone call you? Future Karen? I feel much better just understanding you’re there.

I’m likewise using Clinique Ballet flats All about shadow on my lids, MAC Teddy Kohl on my lash as well as water lines as well as Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara on my lashes
2014 KAREN: I’m almost out of time… just keep in mind to listen to your gut, Karen. It won’t steer you wrong.

1994 KAREN: I will, however don’t go! Počkejte. I understand you can’t state details, however what’s the future’s like? are there flying cars?

2014 KAREN: Dude. Prosím.

1994 KAREN: I take that as a no. Střílet. OK, is Johnny Depp still hot??

2014 KAREN: Smokin’.

1994 KAREN: great to know. Are all the women still using Clinique Black Honey Lipstick?

2014 KAREN: Oh! funny you should ask. get this: it’s still around, however Clinique is taking the color as well as releasing it as a lot of different products — a nail polish, a gel liner, a gloss as well as an eyeshadow, which I’m really using today!

1994 KAREN: What?! Clinique Black Honey in eyeshadow form? You’re blowing my mind right now.

Additional makeup used in this look: MAC Teddy liner (water as well as lash lines), Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara (lashes), MAC warm spirit blush (cheeks) as well as Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss (lips)
2014 KAREN: I know! It’s crazy, right? Yeah, it’s really truly cool. You’d like it. It’s a shimmery, coppery purplish brown. Doesn’t look like much in the pan, however when you sweep it in the crease, it takes on a life of its own. more of the coppery purple comes through, as well as it’s absolutely gorgeous.

1994 KAREN: Um, sold!

2014 KAREN: Haha! Why am I not surprised?

1994 KAREN: I’ll keep an eye out for it when it comes out in 20 years.

2014 KAREN: Good. Listen, K, they’re telling me I have to go now, however I want to tell you one more thing.

1994 KAREN: Shoot.

2014 KAREN: Just…don’t be so difficult on yourself, OK? with all the ups as well as downs as well as when you’re feeling unfortunate as well as lonely, be nice to yourself, as well as keep in mind that I like you. I absolutely, positively like you.

1994 KAREN: Awww! Thanks, future K. like you, too. I can’t wait to satisfy you. This is weird… Take care of yourself. Nás.2014 Karen: Uvidíme se brzy.



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