Electric Eyes and urban Decay Wired

*Cink Cink*

Ahoj? Is any individual there? Hellooooo. It’s me, Karen, calling on my fruit phone, because this eye makeup is BANANAS. ???


There’s a lot going on here, I know! Not my normal neutral style at all, but I was inspired by the rainbow eye makeup on the model for the new Wired pressed pigment palette. ?

Plus, I was in the mood to try something new, which I highly recommend doing as often as possible, even if your cat is the only creature around to appreciate it…

Or, maybe not, considering that I can’t tell if Rosie likes brights! ?


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


Nakupuj teď

Just in case you’re wondering, the fallout on this isn’t an issue. I hardly had to do any cleanup with a makeup wipe, which was great, but I could have made with a lot more intensity.

I had to improve the boldness of the blue and green by building up layers with a wet brush.

Because there’s enough color on my lids to rival a rainbow unicorn mane, I opted to keep the lips subtle with a peachy coral lipstick and gloss (MAC Fleur D’Coral Lipstick and painted lady Lipglass), and then topped things off with a soft wash of peach blush using a mix of MAC cheer Up and That’s Peachy glow Play Blush.

Even though this look isn’t exactly wearable, I think you must try it at least once with whichever brights you have on hand. There’s very little actual blending, and the hardest part, which wasn’t really that hard, was mapping out the placement of the blue eyeshadow — it’s difficult to figure out just how high up to go and how far to take it out, and I didn’t get the final idea of what made sense for my eye shape until I got to the very end and could make adjustments.

So, if you’re going to choose it, and I hope you do, know that it will probably look wonky-wonks until you get to the end…because then you can fully see whatever you need to tweak a lot more clearly.


PROPS IF YOU’D actually wear THIS OUT! I don’t have the guts.

Váš přátelský sousedství odvolání závislý,



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