March 2016 Low-Buy Accountability

I felt like I did less shopping and browsing in March just simply due to being busier… but now providing everything out, I did in fact, do a lot of shopping!

I’ll be providing all of the appeal related items I gotten in March, but only actual makeup items will be counted toward my budget.  First makeup item I gotten in March was the Body shop Fresh nude foundation $25:

I’ve worn this a few times now and it’s quite nice. I’ll do a review after I’ve given it a a lot more thorough test.


MAC Bamboo & mystery pro palette refill $8 each for total of $16:
I found out these 2 shades on my wish list are being discontinued but thankfully at the same time MAC minimized their price for the eye shadow pan refills from $12 each to $8. That’s a 33% price reduction – it makes you wonder how much money they were making before, hrm?

MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection good Old Days nail Lacquer $15.50
Aaaand, I succumbed to the limited edition temptation! When I saw this post by Eugenia, I was sold! I toyed with either the white or the classic red polish (or ahem, both) but my decision was made for me at the MAC store as the red was sold out. I actually snagged the last bottle of this shade. Base on online photos, I thought the bottle would be tiny but it’s actually quite tall – I put a full size bottles of Essie (Cabana Boy) and OPI (Chiffon My Mind) for comparison.


Bobbi brown beach roller ball perfume
This was influenced by an IG post by Dominique of style Domination. It honestly smells a mixture of Coppertone sunscreen and Off! bug repellent, but somehow it works. I’ll devote an entry on this!

Shu Uemura eye lash curler
I used to have this and gave it away. considering that getting the Surratt lash curler, I got it in my head that I need make a solid comparison between that and the cult classic Shu. So here’s a rare case of me getting stuff just for the blog! another one of my friends will get this lash curler once I’m made with it – you lucky dawg.


Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water
Finally, I got this to try out. There was a 25% off sale so I got this for around $8. I hope it’s as good as all the rave reviews say it is!

Quo round Compact Sponge 
These are my much-loved compact sponges so I scooped a bunch up when I identified them on clearance for $1 per pack (normally they’re $5 each). I don’t believe they are being discontinued but this particular buyers location was just clearing space for some Joe Fresh stuff.

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers in Dr Pepper (influenced by ClassicMaggie) and chocolate Mint
I must have stuck to just the Dr Pepper flavour but I was lured into the chocolate Mint by the “1970’s Groovy” retro text on the package. I thought the balm colour would be a brown shade but it’s actually a light mint which essentially applies clear. Vypískat. Dr Pepper is awesome though!


Oxy 5 Acne Vanishing treatment Benzoyl Peroxide lotion 2.5%
I found this for $3 at Dollarama and just in time because I’m nearly out of my current blemish treatment. It’s so tough to find Benzoyl Peroxide treatment with only 2.5% – a lot of of them are 5% which would burn my skin. happy I scored this! Expiry date is Feb 2017.

Inhibitif Body Serum
I’ve been curious about this hair reduction product for my underarms. It launched here in Canada with big hoo-ha and then disappeared. I was pleased to see this at Winners. I debated getting the smaller size bottle but I observed that whoever ticketed them switched the prices around so the 120ml was $10 whereas this 240ml bottle was only $6. I like to take advantage of mislabeled items!

Body stuff:

L’Occitane Solidarity rose Balm for international Women’s Day
L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand cream & crucial (got the crucial for complimentary with the purchase of a full size hand cream – you use it to squeeze out the very last bits of product!)

I went inside L’Occitane purely to get the rose Balm in support of international Women’s Day initiatives, and to get a birthday gift for a friend’s birthday. I walked out with a hand cream for myself, and a gwp for spending over a certain amount! The gwp includes precious Cleansing Foam, Neroli & Orchidee Body Milk, Immortelle Divine Cream, 2 packettes of Huile de Jeunesse Divine – and a sweet little cosmetic pouch.

LUSH Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly
I haven’t opened mine up yet but I assure you there’s a cute little bunny crammed inside that container. Can’t wait to use this! (Also, I went into lush with the intent of getting another fresh face mask but on that particular day, every single one of their fresh masks were out of stock! I haven’t had a chance to go back yet.)

Bath & Body works Waikiki beach schtuff
Basically I had to get my hands on everything new from this line. I’d stocked up on a lot of body lotion and shower gels last year already so I didn’t need any of those.  From this year’s collection I bought: 3 wick candle (x2), hand soap (massive 394ml bottles x3), Wallflower cibule (x3) a lesk na rty (našel jsem mnohem více z nich na jiném místě yay! x3).

Celkové nákupy make-upu: $ 56.50

Můj březen make-up příspěvek s převrácením bylo 59,24 dolarů. Právě jsem to udělal, Phew! 2,74 USD být aplikován na duben. Plná pára dopředu pro tento měsíc! Přidělil jsem 250 dolarů (nyní $ 252.74) strávit … To zní jako hodně, ale bude to rychle vyčerpáno s nadcházejícím prodejem VIB. Musím být chytrý s mými výdaji. Poslám svůj seznam přání / nákupní košík pro váš názor, než udělám svůj nákup!

Vyzkoušeli jste některý z položek, které jsem byl v březnu?

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