Summer faves as well as Raves: new Neutrogena makeup (Eyeliner, Concealer, tinted Moisturizer, Highlighter, Brow Pencil as well as Serum/Primer)

I might spend all the time combing with the Neutrogena makeup section at the drugstore.



Here are a few makeup products of note, which I’ve been utilizing as well as liking, many of which are quite new to the line…

Precision liquid Eyeliner

I cut a big-@ass batch of onions with this on, as well as it didn’t budge, so LOVE. The felt suggestion is long as well as flexible, so if you like a bit “give,” it’s ideal for carving sharp-edged lines as well as flicking simple and easy wings. It’s likewise intensely pigmented as well as a true black. just all around beautiful to line lids! I desire it came in much more colors.

Available in one shade, Jet Black, which is available in a 0.013-oz. pen for $9.99.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Smokey Kohl Eyeliner

Like the black liquid liner, these creamy twist-up pencils are no joke when it concerns staying power. I’ve wept with Smokey Grey on my lash as well as water lines, as well as it didn’t move. I just desire there were an simpler method to sharpen the tip…

Available in five shades, $9.99 each for a 0.004-oz. tužka.

Healthy Skin Radiant cream Concealer

This is costly for drugstore at almost $15, however what you get is quite much the equivalent of a $30 Kevyn Aucoin Supernatural concealer. just like Supernatural, it relentlessly refrains from settling into experience lines. The medium-coverage formula is creamy, however not watery, as well as it has a satiny surface (no apparent disco pearl, though). Maybelline Age Rewind (a holy grail drugstore concealer!) provides much more coverage; however, Neutrogena’s is thinner as well as simpler to blend. as well as it’s just a tad less obvious. If you don’t want your under-eye makeup to look heavy, look no even more than this. For reference, I’m an NC42 in MAC as well as a Honey Bronze in Estée Lauder, as well as I utilize shade Almond medium 2 for dark circle adjustment since of its peachy undertone, as well as Toffee medium 3 for the rest of my tvář.

Oh, as well as one last thing — this photos fantastically well.

I’m using the glow primer + Serum, Protect+Tint tinted Moisturizer, healthy Skin Radiant cream Concealer, precision liquid Eyeliner, Smokey Kohl Eyeliner, glow On liquid Highlighter, Cheeky Wink Flushed blush as well as Nourishing Brow Pencil
Available in 15 shades, $14.99 for a 0.24-oz. trubka.

Healthy Skin Radiant primer + Serum

This extremely sheer, pearly, peachy tinted serum is packed with peptides as well as Vitamin E, as well as it doubles as a makeup primer. If you like primers that fill in divots as well as essentially act like spackle, this will most likely bum you out, though, because its pore blurring power is minimal. I utilize it primarily as a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizing serum for pre-makeup prep, as well as I believe my base looks beautiful on top, however I don’t notice a huge difference in the durability of my base or concealer when I utilize it, so I’m not totally offered on its priming properties… great if you like a extremely natural-looking base.

$16.99 for a 1-oz. láhev s kapátkem.

Glow primer + Serum

My combo skin likes this hyaluronic acid serum, as well as for straight-up hydration, it gets the task done, however like the healthy Skin radiant Primer, I don’t believe it does much to prolong the life if your foundation, concealer, etc. It’s lovely, though, as an extra lightweight layer of wetness when you’re prepping for makeup or when mixed into a foundation or concealer.

$16.99 for a 1-oz. láhev s kapátkem.

Protect+Tint tinted Moisturizer

I’m baffled by exactly how “Tan to medium 40,” which is the shade I wear of this tinted moisturizer, is the second-to-darkest shade in this extremely restricted range. I can’t believe this is happening in the Fenty impact Era! This sheer tinted moisturizer has a satiny surface as well as feels light on my skin. It’s likewise extremely sunscreen-y smelling. It provides much more protection than the very sheer Covergirl Skin Milk, however less than the legendary medium-coverage tinted moisturizer by very first aid charm (current holy grail), so it’s just sufficient to take the edge off! Something to keep in mind: this may oxidize (darken) depending upon your skin tone. Tan to medium 40 ends up looking practically a full step darker than my natural color, so I add a lighter concealer to balance it out.

Available in five shades, $9.97 for a 1.1 fl-oz. trubka.

Glow On liquid Highlighter

I kinda like this! Lunar Eclipse has a soft, radiant surface that catches the light without looking frosty or overdone.

Available in three shades; $8.97 for a 0.50-oz. trubka.

Cheeky Wink Flushed Blush

This creamy, bouncy blush has a smooth, satiny finish, as well as it’s simple to blend. Its longevitY, alespoň na mých suchých tvářích, závisí přesně tak, jak intenzivně jsem pocení. V horkých dnech se nejlépe roztaví, nicméně během chladnějšího počasí nemám žádný problém s časem opotřebení. Je to s největší pravděpodobností mnohem lepší pro mírnější klima, hádám.

K dispozici ve dvou odstínech, 7,97 dolarů za 0,15-oz. pánev.

Vyživující obočí tužka

To je skvělé pro rychlé provedení obočí. Měkká, krémová konzistence tužka znamená, že můžu dostat velký produkt na holých oblastech rychle, buuuuuut, protože specifický odstín, který nosím, tmavě hnědá, je tak tmavá (je to hraniční černý), jsem vždy na pokraji Vydejte se jako pirát sfirly-mustachioed. Připojený spoolie je užitečná pro ředění tužky, pokud jsem neúmyslně jdi přes palubu. Steer odstranit, pokud jste přirozeně těžká.


K dispozici ve čtyřech odstínech, 8,99 dolarů za 0,04-oz. tužka.

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