Get Fresh-Looking Skin quickly With three products

Keepin’ it simple
Holy, mackerel! I’m impressed (and in some cases intimidated, to be honest) by how complicated some YouTube makeup tutorials are, even when it concerns foundation and under-eye concealer.

Sometimes I don’t mind following a lot of steps, but it depends on whether I’m just having fun, or whether I’m viewing the clock. When it concerns my basic face makeup aesthetic, though, which is simple and easy (looking) and natural, I don’t necessarily think that your face makeup routine needs to be complicated.


You can get fresh-looking skin quickly with three products — a sheer foundation (or a BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturizer), a full-coverage concealer and a face powder. You can even out your skin tone, keep the coverage looking light, and it doesn’t have to take forever.

Step 1: Prep

Start by applying moisturizer and/or primer to your skin to prep it and smooth your canvas for foundation.

Or…you can skip this step and just make funny faces ? v zrcadle. completely up to you. Your foundation might not look quite as smooth, but it’ll still look fine.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Oh, hai!
Step 2: get your favorite sheer foundation and a full-coverage concealer

Put one or two pumps of your favorite sheer foundation (or BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturizer) on the back of your hand, then add one or two dots of full-coverage concealer, and mix them all together with a finger.

Adding the full-coverage concealer dots boosts the coverage of your sheer foundation to even out your skin a bit more, and it also saves you from having to apply and blend concealer on top of your foundation.

Make Up For ever HD unnoticeable Cover Concealer in Y41 and MAC next to nothing foundation in medium Plus

Zamíchat to!
Step 3: apply your foundation/concealer mix only where you feel like you need the most coverage

The essential to this particular natural-looking method that I like to use is that you aren’t applying face makeup everywhere. You’re just targeting particular areas, and I like to apply this mix on my cheeks, on and around my nose, around my mouth, on my chin and along my jaw. then I put a smidgen best between my brows and in the middle area of my forehead.

Apply to cheeks, nose, chin and mouth
Step 4: Pat a little under your eyes to vanquish dark circles

Pat, rather than swipe
The less product I use under my eyes, the much more natural I think the coverage looks (I mean, but I still need some help there), so I try to squeak by using as little product as possible.

Also, using a patting motion, instead of a swiping motion, to apply the foundation/concealer mix keeps it much more where you want it so that you’re not swiping and wiping the product off your face as you work.

Step 5: Stipple with a sponge

Next, gently pat your face with a damp facial sponge (I’ve been using and liking the real techniques miracle complexion Sponge lately) to “take the edge off,” so to speak. I think it makes the coverage look much much more natural, while blurring any marks left by your fingertips and lifting away any excess product.

Blend it all together
Step 6: set with powder

Use just a whisper of powder
Then, load a small face brush with the faintest amount of face powder, and I use a small brush because it makes it easy to strategically apply the powder to very particular areas, which helps avoid the skin from looking overdone.

Finally, gently pat some powder on your cheeks, your nose, down the sides of the nose, around your mouth, in the middle of your forehead, and on your chin.

You’re all done!

Skin that looks natural and not overdone
You could stop best there, or you can keep going and add blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc.

Products used

MAC next to nothing foundation in medium Plus

Make Up For HD Concealer in Y41

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural Powder in medium Golden

Real techniques miracle complexion Sponge

NARS Charlotte Gainsbourg powder brush


Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help.

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