Becca Ombre Rouge Eye combination

I most likely ought to have listened to my intuition about this combination – I wasn’t totally offered on the idea however I truly wished to try Becca eye shadows because the high quality looked outstanding (and with Ingrid whispering in my ear).

I purchased this in January – I was broken between the Ombre Rouge or the Ombre nude (varying shades of brown), however in the end I went with the Rouge because the makeup artist suggested it over the Nude. The combination expense $48 CAD for 5 shades, with 1.6g of product each for a overall of 8g for this combination – it is made in the US.

The combination is rather compact, as well as includes a great high quality mirror:

It doesn’t have a great deal squandered space: it steps 14.8 cm x 5cm x 1.3 cm. The casing is plastic made to look like a bronzed metal – it’s truly smooth looking however it does tend to draw in smudges.

In theory, this is a great fundamental warm matte combination that can be utilized on its own to produce a total eye look, or it can be utilized to supplement shimmery shadows. In reality, this combination is so boring! I required myself to utilize this for a whole week as well as my resentment for this combination grew by the day.

There aren’t even any type of shade names, just numbers 1 with 5.  But I’ve taken the liberty of naming them for you:
1 = vanilla yawn
2 = increased doze
3 = beige blah
4 = sienna snooze
5 = drab brown

 And right here they are swatched:

Don’t get me wrong, the eye shadow high quality is fine – the eye shadows are buttery smooth as well as the colours blend nicely, if not a bit as well quickly away to nothingness. The pigmentation is light to medium as well as doesn’t develop as well much beyond medium (the swatches were 3 passes over the skin). I did discover that the formula does last extremely well on the lids over primer (10+ hours) without creasing or fading. I likewise discovered that these aren’t the mattest mattes, the shades #2 as well as 3 have what I’d phone call a satin finish.

But I’m bewildered as to exactly how I can utilize all 5 shades from this combination on my lids, as well as come out with a tiring monotone eye look that appears like I utilized just one colour. I tried to produce different placements of the colours for different looks but they all ended up looking the same: a gradated warm eye look… even the included guide didn’t help.

On the Becca site, the tagline for this combination is:
Five extremely pigmented & blendable matte rouge shades developed for your eyes, however capable of so much more.

With the complying with photo:

Um, exactly how about a No? That shade #4 is method as well orange as a deal with contour! (It is a good crease colour) as well as #2 or 3 as blush? Hmmm, ok, if I’m going for a “I just smeared dirt on my cheeks” look. I did try utilizing #3 as a blush as well as it was just okay – it clung as well much to my skin in patches as well as the colour did look muddy (sometimes products formulated to be eye shadows just don’t work well as blushes as well as vice versa).  And I’m not falling for the “use this eye shadow wet” technique again!

Overall, it just lacks a wow element for me. whatever is so middle of the road which is unusual for a brand like Becca. There isn’t even a stand-out shade in this combination – in some cases a weak combination is saved by one amazing shade.  If you force me to select my preferred shade, then I expect I’d choose the middle shade, #3 aka beige Blah (even my option is so boring, I know!)  I assumption it comes down to expectation – I believed I’d be so amazed by the eye shadow high quality as well as usefulness of this palette, however I just wasn’t.

As far as the value of the palette, at $48 for 5 colours ($9.60 per shade), I believe you might do much better than this. To me, even the metropolitan Decay Naked2 fundamentals ($36 for 6 shades) or as well dealt with natural Matte ($45 for 9 shades) would be much better matte neutral combination choices at similar cost points (although, I’ve not really tried those palettes, they seem typically well reviewed). I’m scratching my head as to exactly how I’d enhance this palette, colour-wise… perhaps something like this:

I kept #1, got rid of #2, moved #3 over as well as altered the rest… this reads much more of “Ombre Rouge” to me… no? Here’s the original again:


• Smooth structure as well as blends easily
• dlouhá nošení
• total eye look utilizing just this palette
• great packaging

• medium pigmentation (not high pigment as claimed)
• Powdery – prone to autumn out
• costly of what you get
• Nudný! Zzzzz

Stash Worthiness: 4/10

I wouldn’t dissuade anybody from purchasing this, however just understand its limitations. Do you have this combination or are planning on getting it?

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