Green Day

In honour of today being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would showcase some green makeup items in my stash.  Let’s use the local dollar store as a gauge for what colour green we’re talking about:

Looks like a Leprechaun vomited in there.
At first glance, I would claim that I do not own very numerous green makeup items.  But I actually do, especially eye shadows.

Here’s a curated selection of some green eye shadows I own:

1) Shiseido eye shadow in “Menthe” from the limited edition Eye color Bar – a sheer minty green
2) make up store Eyedust in Victory – this looked a lot much more green in the container but once swatched, it leans quite teal
3 – 4) Coastal Scents hot Pots eye shadow sampler called “Lakeside Breeze” – I swatched the 2 best hand side shades “Celadon Green” (top) and “Balsam” (bottom)
5) Artdeco Khaki green 254 – I purchased this in Germany, it’s a very greyed sage green shade
6 – 7) Cargo Eye shadow Duo in Oregon – sage green and golden olive shades
8) The Body shop Eye Colour in 43 velvet green – a forest green
9) Sephora Jumbo liner 12HR wear Kaki 05 – this came in a set or else I probably wouldn’t have picked this shade up specifically but it’s a beautiful olive green

I swatched them in the same purchase as noted above
Most of my green eye shadows lean much more grey and brown, which makes them a lot much more wearable. I especially delight in using a deep sage colour to smoke out a nude eye look.

In contrast I own only a few green nail polishes:

Zleva do prava:
• Illamasqua Nomad – a jade shade
• China Glaze Starboard – leaf green (and many true to the St. Patty’s day green)
• Illamasqua Rampage -deep vampy hunter green
• China Glaze Agro – a shimmery olive

Swatched in same purchase as noted above.
Unfortunately, I have no green blushes or lip products to share!  Do you own any green coloured makeup?

Having lived briefly in Dublin Ireland, I can assure you that this certainly is true:

This is from a beam inside the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.
Šťastný den svatého Patrika!

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