If You could only pick One NARS Lip Gloss To wear on the biggest night of Your Life, Which One would You Choose?

NARS Salamanca Lip Gloss
For your Monday viewing/window shopping pleasure, here’s a consolidated look at all 30 lip Lotharios in the recently revamped NARS Lip Gloss line ($26 each and available now).

The question of the day is, if you could only pick one from the entire line, which one would you choose?


I would probably go with…

Wow, it’s hard to decide!

Maybe Salamanca?


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Yeah, or Giza.


Definitely Salamanca or Giza…or one of the other 28, LOL!

If you could only pick one NARS Lip Gloss to wear on the biggest night of your life, which one would you choose?




Dolce Vita

lehký milovník

Eternal Red


Greek Holiday






Risky Business

rose Gitane



Sixties Fan


Stolen Kisses


super Orgasm


sladké sny

sladká pomsta


Triple X

Turkish Delight


Divit se

zobrazit výsledky

Načítání …

1. Angelika

2. Belize

Wearing NARS Belize Lip Gloss
NARS Belize Swatch

A big kiss from Belize…
3. Chihuaha

Wearing NARS Chihuahua Lip Gloss on my lips
NARS Chihuahua Lip Gloss, $26

NARS Chihuahua Lip Gloss, a sheer guava
Aye, Chihuahua!

4. Dolce Vita

5. easy Lover

She’s an easy lover…
NARS easy lover Lip Gloss
Easy lover Swatch
NARS easy lover Lip Gloss
6. Eternal Red

7. Giza

8. Greek Holiday

Just a minimal makeup look with Greek Holiday, BECCA Ever-Matte Skin shine proof Foundation, MAC warm soul blush and Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara

Greek holiday Swatch
Biiiig kiss!
9. Istria

10. Misbehave

NARS Misbehave Lip Gloss, $26
11. Ophelia

12. Orgasm

13. Priscilla

14. Risky Business

15. rose Gitane

16. Salamanca

17. Scandal

18. Sixties Fan

19. Stella

Wearing NARS Stella Lip Gloss

20. Stolen Kisses

21. Striptease

22. super Orgasm

23. Supervixen

24. sweet Dreams

25. sweet Revenge

26. Tasmania

27. Triple X

28. Turkish Delight

29. Quito

30. Wonder

Vaše přátelské sousedství krásy závislý,


Which one did you choose?

If You could only pick One NARS Lip Gloss To wear on the biggest night of Your Life, Which One would You Choose?
30 Days of NARS: Eternal Red Lip Gloss, Day 30
30 Days of NARS: rose Gitane Lip Gloss, Day 29
30 Days of NARS: scandal Lip Gloss, Day 28
30 Days of NARS: Triple X Lip Gloss, Day 27
30 Days of NARS: Giza Lip Gloss, Day 26
30 Days of NARS: Sixties fan Lip Gloss, Day 25
30 Days of NARS: wonder Lip Gloss, Day 24
30 Days of NARS: Quito Lip Gloss, Day 23
30 Days of NARS: Salamanca Lip Gloss, Day 22
30 Days of NARS: Priscilla Lip Gloss, Day 21
30 Days of NARS: Tasmania Lip Gloss, Day 20
30 Days of NARS: Orgasm Lip Gloss, Day 19
30 Days of NARS: sweet dreams Lip Gloss, Day 18
30 Days of NARS: Istria Lip Gloss, Day 17
30 Days of NARS: Ophelia Lip Gloss, Day 16
30 Days of NARS: Turkish delight Lip Gloss, Day 15
30 Days of NARS: Risky business Lip Gloss, Day 14
30 Days of NARS: Dolce Vita Lip Gloss, Day 13
30 Days of NARS: Misbehave Lip Gloss, Day 12
30 Days of NARS: super Orgasm Lip Gloss, Day 11
30 Days of NARS: Striptease Lip Gloss, Day 10
30 Days of NARS: Stella Lip Gloss, Day 9
30 Days of NARS: Stolen Kisses Lip Gloss, Day 8
30 Days of NARS: Belize Lip Gloss, Day 7
30 Days of NARS: Angelika Lip Gloss, Day 6
30 Days of NARS: sweet Revenge Lip Gloss, Day 5
30 Days of NARS: Supervixen Lip Gloss, Day 4
30 Days of NARS: Chihuahua Lip Gloss, Day 3
30 Days of NARS: easy lover Lip Gloss, Day 2
30 Days of NARS: Greek holiday Lip Gloss, Day 1


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