Review: Poshé topcoat

This publish is devoted to chicandpolished, who requested that I do a evaluation on Poshé topcoat after I raved about it in my Essie gel-setter topcoat review.

It is by far my favourite fast drying topcoat that I’ve tried!  I push it onto all my buddies as well as they love it too.

Before Poshé, I utilized Seche Vite however grew worn out of the amount of shrinkage I’d get with Seche Vite.  Shrinkage occurs when the quick dry topcoat is drying so quick that it triggers the nail polish layers to pull back from the edges, making it appear as though there is idea wear – this is incredibly irritating on recently used polishes.  Another irritating element of Seche Vite was exactly how it’d turn so thick about half method with the bottle – it would ended up being so stringy as well as goopy that it wasn’t usable unless thinner was added (it was suggested to only utilize Seche Vite brand thinner because of the formulation or something – it was a money grab, I tell ya!)  But don’t get me wrong, Seche Vite is a fantastic topcoat as well as I can comprehend why it is so popular: it’s quick drying, extremely shiny as well as lasts a long time on the nails.  But I desired an alternate – go into Poshé:

I checked out about Poshé from a nail polish blog as well as it generally retains all the great things of Seche Vite (dries quickly, shiny, as well as long wearing) however none of the poor (no shrinkage, no thickening, as well as not incredibly smelly).  I tried my very first bottle as well as haven’t looked back.  It declares to dry polishes to touch in 1 minute (true) as well as dries totally in 5 minutes (also true) – however I generally wait 10 minutes before doing anything strenuous just to be safe.

I keep a couple of opened bottles of Poshé – one for lighter coloured polishes as well as the other for dark shades.  Since it is instructed that the topcoat can be used over still moist polish, often the polish transfers into the clean so it tints the topcoat a pinkish colour when I’m utilizing reds, however it doesn’t impact the performance (and in spite of my finest efforts, I still tint both bottles!)  Poshé works similarly well on all brands of polishes that I’ve tried (except for Zoya – it seems to only like its own brand of base as well as top coats).

I like Poshé so much that I gotten a salon-sized bottle (480ml) which I decant into the little polish bottles.  I bought this poor kid off eBay years back as well as it’s only down to the top of the purple line (not visible in the photo).  The bottle will likely last me one more 10 years!  The only location I’ve seen Poshé offered locally is at Sally appeal Supply ($10 for 14ml) – it is likewise offered on the internet from

This is what Poshé topcoat appears like over Essie restricted Addiction, about 10 minutes after application – this is 1 coat of Orly Bonder basecoat, 2 coats of Essie as well as 1 coat of Poshé.  I utilized a dark polish colour to show exactly how genuinely extraordinary the wear time is on this topcoat:

And this is after 6 days of wear (sorry I couldn’t do a full 7 day wear test this time around because of the requirement to modification my polish for Thanksgiving weekend):

Some minor idea wear, slightly dulled shine, a small chip on my thumb however overall, still in amazing shape! I absolutely might have gone the full 7 days.  Impressed? I regularly am, whenever I wear Poshé!

• incredibly quick drying time
• shiny
• chip resistant
• dlouhá nošení
• doesn’t thicken up mid-way with the bottle
• works well on all brands of polishes
• does not cause diminishing when drying
• not incredibly stinky

• not as easily offered as other brands

Stash hodnota: 10/10

Have you tried Poshé?  What’s your much-loved topcoat?

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