Make-up a krása blog pondělí hlasování, sv. 479

“What’s that, Mommy? To je hezké!”

Takže … Jaký je pondělní průzkum?

Není to přesně anketa. Je to spíše neustále se vyvíjející (devolní?), Poněkud náhodný seznam otázek, které jsem vystavil čtenářům každý pondělí ráno za posledních 10 let. (Je to jako kickstart pro váš mozek.) Vždy jsem si užil čtení vašich odpovědí v komentáři a doufám, že se vám líbí čtení dolu.

1. someone you’d like to pinch?

If we’re living in reality, then Connor Claire, on her cheeks. If we’re not living reality, then Zac Efron.

Don’t ask me where I’d pinch him, HAHAHA!


2. how many kittens would you like today?

Three would be great, thanks! I’ll take one ragdoll, one gray tabby and a tortie to go, please.

3. Those cold-shoulder tops that are seriously freaking everywhere — yes or no?

Jistě proč ne? Some are pretty cute.

4. Cream, liquid, gel or powder blush — which is your favorite formula and why?

Mezi! That’s tough. I love how extra special cream blushes look on skin, like the color is part of your cheeks and not just sitting on top of it, but I also love powder blushes because they’re so much fun to blend.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

OK, if I have to pick one…I’ll go with cream.

Or powder.

Oh, I don’t know!

5. What’s the punchline to an inside joke that always makes you laugh?

Psycho cake is the best! Psycho cake is the best!

Aloha nui loa

Good morning from Oahu! It’s 4:26 a.m. Hawaii time right now, and I’m click-clacking away in the dark because of le time difference, which I am quite clearly not used to yet.

Boy, oh, boy — your niece? She took her baby-ness to the next level on the flight out here. She was NOT babying at 100% on the plane, let me tell you. She fussed almost the entire time, I think because of the excitement and not having her routines. I tried a bottle at takeoff, a few new toys, snacks…and that was just for me, haha! but seriously, she was in rare form!

Today, not much of a plan for the day. just take it easy, eat some fresh papaya and King’s Hawaiian sweet Bread for breakfast, and find a nice, quiet lagoon to explore… and I want to check out Honolua surf Co. for cute tees and other things because I haven’t been there za chvíli.


Have a terrific week. Be extra kind to yourself today, OK? I’ll still be posting here and there, but probably not as much as usual.

Vaše přátelské sousedství krásy závislý,



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