The Day in charm Vol. 23: MAC Bangin’ fantastic Blush…and one of the best films of 2016!

The five new MAC Bangin’ fantastic Blushes ($16 each)
Why are the $16 MAC Bangin’ fantastic Powder Blushes in eyeshadow pots?

For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I’ve picked one of them up assuming it was a shadow at least half a dozen times. like the matte red, never say Never? — call me crazy, but I kinda wanna put it in my crease.


I dunno… in some cases I think red smokey eyes can look very cool, but maybe I’ve been spending too much time on Instagram lately.


These are so bright and so juicy that they remind me of summer fruit.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Mmm… Watermelon…

These five new blushes have joined the MAC permanent line, along with the rest of the Bangin’ fantastic band, and after spending the past few weeks with them, I think they compare well to my regular MAC daily blush musts, which are Gingerly and Blushbaby, at the moment, in terms of wear time (they last all day long) and blendability (although you do need to use them with the best tools, but I’ll get to that in a few).

Where they certainly differ is size, obvi, and intensity.

I don’t know how MAC did it, but they made these even much more dynamic than the boldest and brightest MAC blushes around, which is really very cool. I just wish they came in the regular 0.21-oz. $22 MAC blush pans.

These may cost a little less at $16, but they’re also much smaller (0.05 ounces). Technically, though, because you’ll probably need to use so very little, a small pan like this could still last a year or two, depending on how typically you wear it.

But that part of me that likes to purchase toilet paper in bulk at Costco still wishes they were bigger, man.

From the left: MAC never say Never, news Flash, bright Response, bright Pink and Saucy Miss
Lately I’ve been liking very minimal cheek color, so because these are so intense, and because the pans are on the smaller side (which makes it kind of hard to load up a regular-sized blush brush with them…but really, I probably wouldn’t use a blush brush with them anyway because I only need to use a tiny amount, and a big brush head would be excessive), I use a small duo fibre face brush with them instead.

I like the MAC 199 small Duo Fibre face brush ($35). It’s small and fits these pans better than a big blush brush does. I just lightly swirl the brush head in one of the pans, tap many of it off, then buff, ever-so-gently, like whisker kisses on my cheeks.

Then I get the most significant powder brush I can find and gently run that over my cheeks to slightly take the edge off. The end result looks very natural.

Since these are so bright, I assumed I would look like a local of crazy clown town, but that completely wasn’t the case! I’ve been wearing the orange shade, bright Response, on the regular, and it’s completely doable.

But hey, if you are all about the “too much,” that’s amazing too. You can easily get there with these blushes.

Wearing MAC bright Response

I’m an NC42, by the way, and because I like to use these with a light touch, some of the colors look kinda similar. My cheeks look, much more or less, like I just finished doing hardcore sprints whether I wear matte red never say Never, matte reddish orange news Flash or matte fuchsia pink bright Pink.

The ones that look much more distinct to me, at least on my skin tone, are matte bright bluish pink Saucy miss and orange bright Response, the shade I discussed earlier, which is technically a frost, but it looks much more like a matte on mě.

Overall, I think these blushes are very fun! just keep ’em away from your MAC eyeshadows if you’re easily confused like I am, LOL! They’re available now.

For film Night! Pozvánka

I viewed THE BEST, many intense film last weekend, and it’s one of my favorite films of the year.

It’s called The Invitation, and it’s streaming on Netflix best now.

OK…but first, something happened after I had Connor. I used to love really, really scary, suspenseful movies, and I still do, but I have less patience now for conventional slasher horror movies.

There was this one film I tried to view recently — I can’t remember the name — where the opening scene had a bound woman crying in a dark room, and I had to right away turn it off. I just can’t deal with those kinds of scary films anymore, but this movie? It’s much more of a slow-burning suspenseful thriller.

Dude, it was SO good that I actually viewed it twice because I wanted to see what I missed the first time around.

Not gonna lie — I kinda want to view it a third time now.

It’s about a group of old pals reconnecting with each other at a dinner party that one of them throws in the LA hills after not seeing each other for about two years.

Will is the main character, and his new girlfriend is Kira, but he used to be married to Eden, who now lives withJejí nový manžel ve stejném domě jednou sdílel s vůlí a jsou všichni na večeři spolu.

Před dvěma lety se něco tragického stalo a Eden, který vedl k němu rozdělení. Skončilo jejich vztah a je to jeden z hnacích sil v příběhu.

Každopádně, Eden a její nový manžel zvou své staré kamarády do domu pro večeři.

Netřeba dodávat, že se věci dějí. Velmi, velmi úžasný.

Nechci dát příliš mnoho pryč, ale vše, co musím říct, je trpělivý, a pozorně, protože tam jsou jen málo strouhaných skórů podél cesty, že pokud ho podruhým zobrazíte, jste jako, ” Teď to dostanu! ”


Nemůžu o tom říct dost dobré věci. Je to tak skvělé.

Váš přátelský sousedství Charm Addict,



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