Life With a “Threenager”

young children be cray, man.



There are days when I feel like I’m living in a hostage settlement situation, where I’m the hostage, as well as I’m doing whatever I can to keep my young child captor from losing her sh*t!

No really, though. I mean, it’s difficult since she’s still discovering exactly how to handle her emotions, as well as when she just can’t deal, her aggravation flows out of her with in fierce as well as legendary tantrums. I, in turn, am likewise discovering exactly how to be the most client version of myself (OH, LAWD, provide ME STRENGTH!). That part of toddler-hood is absolutely as well as totally exhausting, no doubt, however for the most part, life with this recently minted threenager is fun.

One especially awesome part of this time around is hearing her put together total sentences as well as utilizing new words. The other day she stated that the book she was “reading” (she sits on the couch with a book, which is typically upside-down, as well as looks at the pictures) was complex. “Mommy, this story is so complicated! There are so numerous photos of different frogs.”


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Oh, as well as then there’s the running young child commentary on anything as well as everything. “Mommy, do you see the airplane? Is the airplane going to Hawaii? Mommy, THE MOON! I see the moon, as well as the moon sees me. mom why are stopping? Is the light red? Oh, look mommy, THERE’S A BUS! I see a bus! as well as a terminate truck!”


Even though she certainly has her meltdowns as well as crabby days (don’t we all), the great times outweigh the difficult stuff. Like, the nicest thing occurred last week. We were driving to Target to look at nail polish, which she’s been much more as well as much more thinking about lately. I figure that if I make the fruit as well forbidden, it’ll be that much much more enticing, so I told her that, as a reward for having a great week at institution as well as for listening to mom as well as dad as well as being good to her huge sibling (Tabs) as well as choosing up her toys, she might pick out a nail polish of her own that I would do her nails with.

On the method to the store, while we were waiting at a stoplight, Connor got truly peaceful as well as said, “Mommy, you’re a truly great mama. Posloucháš. You truly listen.”

I practically burst into tears best then as well as there, however instead I said, “Thank you, Connor. That’s a truly good thing to say. You’re a truly great daughter.”

My heart… It felt like it was going to explode.

Note to self: Hold on to this memory, since she’ll be a teenager soon enough, as well as that’s gonna be a hoot!


She ended up choosing out a sparkly blue, pink as well as purple shine by Sally Hansen, as well as she insisted that we paint our toes the exact same color so we might match, awww!

Your friendly community charm addict



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